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Montpelier Solutions Group

We are a group of people in the Montpelier area who are interested in innovative solutions to our unique challenges. Montpelier is the smallest capitol of any state in the USA and we're proud of that. This enables us to come up with a more right sized approach to some of the large problems facing us in the 21st century.

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Just Tell The Truth

I know there are many people, maybe even a majority of folks out there who still choose to believe that our Planet can indefinitely sustain our present-day lifestyle and rate of consumption. Those folks should just click away because what follows is strictly for the rest of us – those who unquestionably accept the reality that life as we’ve been living it up to now must absolutely and radically change.

Private Landowner Network to keep working lands working

Wide open range land. Narrow profit margins. Big sky. High taxes. Tall southern pines. Growing debt.

These are the reasons that the Private Landowner Network - PLN - does what it does. PLN treasures the beauty of a working landscape and respects the working landowner as much as any kind of open space or stewardship.

Visit the website at http://www.privatelandownernetwork.org

Welcome to the Montpelier Solutions Group!

Hello and welcome to the Montpelier Solutions Group! We'd love for this group to provide a forum for solutions-oriented people to discuss the issues important to them and to highlight meaningful solutions taking root in their area and around the world. Please feel free to use this discussion board to post links, generate discussion, and brainstorm solutions.

Montpelier Solutions Group

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