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(Please, if you would like to join the ModelEarth group at Solutions, apply directly to modelearth()gmail.com. Thank you, H.S.)

The Need for Designing the Future Collaboratively:
To Whom the Future of the Earth Might Concern.

I propose that the differences that there exist among all our ideas--ideas of all who share this planet--about what our common existence on this planet should ideally look like be resolved by what-so-ever expedient, appropriate means first by modeling (computer, or any other kind), round table style discussions at the community level, and any such--before those differences resolve in real life, causing real waste of lives, resources, and time occurring in real world.

Once there is a clear idea of what we all agree that our common existence in this world should look like, it would be practicable to achieve this commonly held ideal.

This contrasts with the way in use now when we are mostly trying to improve our existence in this world by forever fixing the infinite problems stemming from our past mistakes that plague us--and usually causing new problems to arise with our fixes--never knowing well what kind of existence we are trying to achieve, and therefore never achieving any kind of existence that would be fully acceptable by all.

Please read "Designing a Lasting Peace Together" - http://www.modelearth.org/peace.html, where the need for collaboratively designing the future of the world could be seen best.

Please see Some Suggestions for Designing a Sustainable Earth Co-operatively(http://www.modelearth.org/princmodsus.html).

The concept of designing the future collectively described in these pages owes its existence to the Mahayana philosophy ( http://www.modelearth.org/mahaecosoc.html ) and to ideas presented in The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz, which I paraphrase and quote from often, not always necessarily acknowledging this.

Universal Platform for Developing Sustainable Earth Vision Co-operatively.

Universal Platform for Developing Sustainable Earth Vision Co-operatively.
(draft--updated, at times, online: www.ModelEarth.Org/seed.html )

(Print Brochure - http://www.modelearth.org/seed-13.50.pdf )

"A sustainable world can never be fully realized until it is widely envisioned. The vision must be built up by many people before it is complete and compelling." (Meadows 2004, p273)

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"*
(attributed to Buckminster Fuller, though I have not been able, so far, to find the source)

Capitalism with a Human Face: A Proposal for the Establishment of a Sustainable Capitalism.

Capitalism with a Human Face:
A Proposal for the Establishment of a Sustainable Capitalism.
online: http://www.modelearth.org/modest.html

Before strategy

Before we can implement solutions, we have to have strategies that are agreed up (or, not objected to), but we need better processes for doing that. Our current methods are based in traditional, top-down power-over, mechanical models. These only work partially, and only work well for those who have the power.

The State of the Ideal Earth Design.

The State of the Ideal Earth Design.
online: www.modelearth.org/state.html

I am trying to find out what is there in the world that deals with collectively designing how we all should ideally exist together in this world.

Currently there is no clearly defined, referable to, by anyone accessible and by anyone amendable model of an ideal, sustainable Earth yet.

Preventing a Ton of Cure: Disaster Preparedness.

Preventing a Ton of Cure:
Disaster Preparedness.
online: http://www.modelearth.org/art01.html

Disasters, be they natural or human made, do occur--they have been occurring all throughout human history, they occur even nowadays; they are nothing new to us. They do not surprise us.

Grassroots Government: The World's Ombudsman.

Grassroots Government: The World's Ombudsman.
online: http://www.modelearth.org/world-gov.html

Today most people are not represented in their government properly, if at all, regardless where this might be in the world.

Even in the most advanced democracies of the "first world" countries it might take a long time before wrongs being committed on minorities are addressed to a satisfaction; Wrongs committed on individuals might never be considered at all, in most instances, mostly due to the impossibility of people having an equal access to justice.

An open letter to the Obamas.

P.O.B. 2182
CA 95473

modelearth [at] gmail [dot] com


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Obama,

I wish that you are well!

If we, the people, were really interested in establishing a lasting peace in the world, we would spend more on ways that would achieve peace non-violently than what we spend on the military!

Home: The Very "Leverage Point".

Home: The Very "Leverage Point" (note1).

online - http://www.ModelEarth.Org/leverage.html

by Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org

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