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Larry Susskind
Head of the Environmental Policy Group in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT; Founder and President of the Consensus Building Institute (CBI); Director of the Public Disputes Program at Harvard Law School; Head of the Negotiation Pedagogy Initiative at PON.
Professor Susskind is one of the country's most experienced public and environmental dispute mediators and a leading figure in the dispute resolution field. He has mediated more than fifty complex disputes related to the siting of controversial facilities, the setting of public health and safety standards, the formulation and implementation of development plans and projects, and conflicts among racial and ethnic groups -- serving on occasion as a special court-appointed master. Professor Susskind was the founder and Senior Editor of Environmental Impact Assessment Review, a peer-reviewed journal for twenty years. He was also the publisher of Consensus, a quarterly newspaper distributed to every elected body in the United States by the Public Disputes Network. He was co-Editor of the Negotiation Series published by Sage Publications, co-Editor of the Environmental Policy and Management Series published by Island Press, as well as co-editor of the International Environmental Negotiation Annual published by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.