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Solving the world's problems requires vision, and not just one. We want to hear yours. Join our team of leading environmentalists and visionaries by sharing your vision for the future with us. By collecting your ideas, we believe we can channel our collective energy into action.


How did you do it the future asks?
With your outdated customs and old-fashioned clothes.
How did you do it? Without much science or sense.
Did you do it for us?

Not for you, we answer, at least not at first.
Amongst our bling and bravado we built a tomorrow,
of beauty and fairness and super smart systems.
Our disposable culture created up-cycling.
Some selfied whilst some...

We meet today to speak of great ancestors.

Here in 2115, we may find it hard to understand that a century ago, many people actually believed there was nothing we could do to stave off the planetary crisis we faced. Many had given up. Many did too little. Some even lived in denial of increasingly loud warnings from the world’s scientists, or refused, on ideological grounds, to even consider change.

Humanity made calamitous...

Featured Interviews

For more than 20 years, Iraqi-born Zainab Salbi founded and ran Women for Women International, a DC-based, global women's rights organization. In 2008, she published a best-selling memoir, Between Two Worlds, about growing up in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This year, the 46-year-old launched the Nida'a Show, an Arabic language talk show that has included Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Arab rappers, female comedians, and frank talk about sex, women's rights, and ISIS. The Nida'a Show currently airs in...
Valerie Hudson is a Professor and the George H.W. Bush Chair in the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. She is also co-author of the recent The Hillary Doctrine: Sex in American Foreign Policy. Your book examines then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approach to foreign policy—the so-called Hillary Doctrine—that purports that the subjugation of women worldwide is a threat to the common security of all nations. You ultimately support that idea. What...

Become a Visionary

Become a Visionary

Share your vision for the future with us.

Reader Visions

The industrial revolution is dead! Burning fossils for fuel, stuffing our bodies with poisoned factory food and filling our homes with toxic possessions; pillaging and...
Co-Existence Model of Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Earth. (updated draft of "'Evolving' the Ideal Earth Design: Ensuring Transparency".) online http://www.modelearth...
The Need for Designing the Future Collaboratively: To Whom the Future of the Earth Might Concern. (online www.ModelEarth.Org ) I propose that the differences that there exist...


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