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Solving the world's problems requires vision, and not just one. We want to hear yours. Join our team of leading environmentalists and visionaries by sharing your vision for the future with us. By collecting your ideas, we believe we can channel our collective energy into action.


Many definitions of energy security have been proposed in the literature, each developed from within a particular set of perspectives. The International Energy Agency (IEA) defines energy security as the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at affordable prices. This broad, commonly used definition primarily emphasizes economic security. Daniel Yergin states that the objective of energy security is to assure adequate, reliable...

The following is an excerpt from commencement remarks made by Ms. Rosa Rodrigues, who served four years as Chief of Staff to President Delores Hernandez (2033–2041).

Looking back over the last 28 years, it is amazing how much has changed, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. Back in 2014, despite continuing high unemployment and underemployment, rising poverty, increasing inequality of income and wealth,...

Featured Interviews

by Joseph Fiksel The annual Global Risks Report published by the World Economic Forum has changed significantly over the years. It seems that our understanding of global risks keeps evolving—they are complex, highly interdependent, and difficult to quantify. Since Swiss Re is involved in producing this report, can you explain more about these challenges? I've been involved with the Global Risks process during the last few years, and I think the key is to keep the dialogue going. The scope is...
Dr. Simon A. Levin, the George M. Moffett professor of biology at Princeton University, has recently been honored with the 2014 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement for his work "revealing the complexity of, and relationships between, species and ecosystems." Over his long and distinguished career, Dr. Levin's research interests have spanned infectious diseases and their evolutionary adaptations, the evolution of cooperation and the maintenance of social norms, and the ways in which...

Become a Visionary

Become a Visionary

Share your vision for the future with us.

Reader Visions

The industrial revolution is dead! Burning fossils for fuel, stuffing our bodies with poisoned factory food and filling our homes with toxic possessions; pillaging and...
Co-Existence Model of Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Earth. (updated draft of "'Evolving' the Ideal Earth Design: Ensuring Transparency".) online http://www.modelearth...
The Need for Designing the Future Collaboratively: To Whom the Future of the Earth Might Concern. (online www.ModelEarth.Org ) I propose that the differences that there exist...


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