Adam Lewis, A Cure for Appalachia, The Solutions Journal, Volume 1, Issue 4, July 2010, Pages 1 ( Abstract: A patient diagnosed with cancer must confront a long, difficult road to recovery. The same can be said for the hundreds of mountaintops in Appalachia that have been ravaged by strip mining. America’s addiction to cheap energy has spread disease amongst some of our most beautiful natural resources. From a fatalistic point of view, we fear that Appalachia might soon die. Once a lush, verdant landscape covered with giant trees, Appalachia is now dotted with moonscapes as the result of mountaintop-removal mining practices. The attitude that promotes capitalism at all costs, and the powerful influence of mining corporations on government, compound the feeling that entrenched interests have doomed us without offering a solution. Shortsighted decisions by our representatives in Washington on issues ranging from the environment to health care make one wonder if our system is capable of making meaningful and visionary changes. It is easy to feel pessimistic, if the past is the … Topics: Community; Energy; Environment