Alan AtKisson, A Global Plan for Accelerating the Renewable Energy Transformation, The Solutions Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, July 2011, Pages 51 ( Abstract: The pathway for conversion to a renewable energy future has been pioneered by Denmark and a few other visionary nations. But a global transition to renewable energy requires a focus on the developing world, where 80–90 percent of the growth in energy demand will occur in coming decades.1 To meet global deadlines on emissions reduction, achieving a renewable energy future will also require an accelerated diffusion strategy. In 2009, the United Nations’ Division for Sustainable Development published a Big Push strategy proposal for rapidly reducing the global price of renewable energy through large-scale, front-loaded investments channeled through a globally coordinated feed-in tariff. Built on the economic analyses of the United Nations’ World Economic and Social Survey 2009, as well as best available current research on how quickly the technology could be deployed, the plan demonstrated how renewable energy could become the default investment choice in a ten- to 20-year … Topics: Energy; Globalization; Governance; Sustainability