Leo Wiegman, David Blockstein, Act Local, Start Now, Think Big: 10 “Yes in My Backyard” Steps to a More Sustainable Community, The Solutions Journal, Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2010, Pages 21-24 (https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/article/act-local-start-now-think-big-10-yes-in-my-backyard-steps-to-a-more-sustainable-community/) Abstract: In Carmel, New York, Town Supervisor Ken Schmitt put it this way when we met him: “We’d like to know how we can save money.” After a career in local law enforcement, Schmitt got himself elected supervisor a few years ago only to inherit a municipality with aging infrastructure, outdated codes, and a population very wary of property tax increases. Schmitt leaned forward. “Do you have many wood-fired boilers in Croton? We have folks putting in outdoor wood boilers to save money on heating their homes and water. But some neighbors have been raising strong health concerns over what is coming out of the flues of these wood boilers.” Supervisor Schmitt’s question hit on two major motivators for local communities to measure the environmental impact of their ongoing lifestyles and develop realistic climate action plans: saving money and protecting public health. As much as the climate choir likes to talk to itself about gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalents, the … Topics: Climate Change; Community; Sustainability