Van Jones, After Financial Collapse, A New, Green Economy, The Solutions Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3, May 2012, Pages 84-89 ( Abstract: Many politicians want us to lower our expectations about the economy. I say it is time to raise them. We should go beyond the shriveled thinking imposed on us by today’s mania for austerity. Even the Contract for the American Dream—ten steps for fixing the economy, selected from over 25,000 ideas submitted online by both experts and everyday Americans—should be seen as just a springboard—and not a ceiling—for what Americans might dare to dream and do together. The time has come to propose solutions at the scale of the problems we face. Here I offer my own thoughts on one way we might do this. We must revive the economy, but in a way that respects people and the planet. After all, the last version of America’s economy—the version that collapsed in 2008—was built up on three fundamental fallacies: 1. First of all, the failed economy was based on consumption rather than production. 2. Second, the failed economy was based on credit rather than on smart savings … Topics: Climate Change; Economy