Jane Cage, After the Tornado Came to Town, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 5, September 2014, Pages 93-96 (https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/article/after-the-tornado-came-to-town/) Abstract: As soon as I opened the door to the crate, the cat shot up the stairs. I had been in the basement for about 20 minutes, listening to the wind blow and the rain come down. When the sirens sounded for the first time, I turned on the TV to check the weather. The radar showed a tornado west of Joplin, Missouri that seemed headed towards my neighborhood. When the sirens sounded a second time, I put on my raincoat, put my cellphone in my pocket, gathered up the pets and headed down the stairs. Now it was quieter, and it seemed safe to come up. I opened the front door to a neighborhood that looked much the same as it did earlier in the afternoon. The electricity was on, but there was no cable TV or phone service. A neighbor called my cellphone with the news that there may have been some damage downtown. We drove down and looked at our respective offices, which were fine. We headed west, encountered only one downed tree and headed back home. I thought to myself, "I guess it wasn’t so … Topics: Community; Sustainability