Kirsten James, America’s Farms: Water Risk and Opportunity in the Agricultural Supply Chain, The Solutions Journal, Volume 11, Issue 2, May 2020, ( Abstract: Farmers are the foundation of our $5 trillion global food system, responsible for growing the wheat, corn, soy and other agricultural commodities at the core of global supply chains. However, the agricultural industry is facing an imminent problem that threatens its ability to provide these essential crops: stressed water resources. Growing and processing food is a thirsty business, consuming more than 70% of the world’s water resources. The intensifying effects of climate change are placing an unprecedented strain on our water supply as the water cycle is inextricably linked to the changing climate. Between 1980 and 2013, the US suffered more than $260B in flood related damages and the 2019 flooding of the Mississippi river alone, which lasted 107 consecutive days, has caused over $2 billion in damages. 2020 has already brought with it record floods in parts of Mississippi.  The future of America’s farms and the global food system is grim without definitive systemic … Topics: