Steve Brown, Brenton Ellis, Andreas Lombardozzi, An Energy Solution for Pacific Islanders, The Solutions Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3, May 2010, Pages 16-17 ( Abstract: When the Samoan government published its 2007 Climate Risk Profile Report to assess what global warming means for this tiny Pacific nation, it came as a shock to many of the islanders. Not that Samoa, a cluster of ten tiny volcanic islands in the midst of the South Pacific Ocean, weren’t already braced against the power of the Pacific. Still, the report made for pretty grim reading: an expected sea level rise of 1–1.6 meters by 2100 would mean the relocation of 300 of its 330 coastal villages, including the capital Apia, with its 45,000 residents, hospitals, schools, and harbor. Samoa’s only contact with the outside world, the single-strip international airport, sits only one meter above high water mark. Australia has already announced plans for resettlement camps to house the flood of Pacific islanders it expects to receive. In the face of this looming disaster, Samoa’s citizens might be expected to bury their heads in the beautiful, white sandy beaches while they’ve … Topics: Climate Change; Energy