Atlantic Rising

A team of 20-something Cambridge University graduates is attempting to take a 32,000-mile journey circumnavigating the Atlantic overland along the one-meter contour line—the level scientists predict that sea level may reach in the next 100 years. The team’s new website/charity,, uses multimedia to explore and demonstrate what will be lost if sea level rises just one meter.

The website documents the group’s travels and observations, from Florida snowbirds to deforestation in Liberia, to the New England island of Nantucket, which loses three feet of shoreline a year. Their work aims to educate the public about the real impact of rising sea level due to manmade climate change. Through photography, films, radio interviews, and writing, they are also documenting the stories of individuals and communities who have already been affected by rising sea levels. Along the way, they are creating an educational network among 15,000 students in low-lying coastal communities.

Adventurers include Tim Bromfield, who traded in his corporate position at Accenture to run fund-raising campaigns for NGOs; Lynn Morris, a former foreign correspondent for the Associated Press and a freelance cameraperson; and Will Lorimer, who has traveled around the world.