Shannon Peterson Ciotti, Chrysten Lambert, William Winner, Balance in the Klamath Basin, The Solutions Journal, Volume 4, Issue 5, September 2013, Pages 63-67 ( Abstract: It won’t work … people have been doing things the same way for too long…you can’t take water off of these lands, they will dry up. ─Wood River Rancher, 2003 This was the best thing we have ever done for the ranch, for the valley. ─The same Wood River Rancher, 2011, after converting half of his pastures to dry land grazing At the start of the twenty-first century, California and Oregon’s Klamath Basin was on the brink of environmental disaster. This vast watershed had once supported large-scale ranching operations and a commercial fishery. However, decades of over-tapping the water supply for cattle was leading to withered crops and a fractured community. Faced with the destruction of their livelihood, a group of local ranchers took the radical step of leaving their irrigation water in-stream and managing their land for dryland, or reduced irrigation, pasture. Their timely decision is helping to restore the ecosystem and usher in a new era of ranching. In … Topics: Agriculture & Food; Conservation; Ecosystem Services; Water