Michael B. Hancock, A Big-City Mayor Looks at Sustainability, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2019, (https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/article/big-city-mayor-looks-sustainability/) Abstract: Growing up in Denver, I didn’t think about sustainability - at least not in the way we think about it today. I never heard about “sustainable development goals.” I didn’t know what “the three-legged stool” referred to. I didn’t think about balancing the needs of the present with the needs of the future. Life was simple. Water came from the tap. Food came from the grocery store. Travel was by car, or if you couldn’t afford a car, by bus. I didn’t think about sustainability. But I did notice things. I noticed the brown cloud of air pollution that hung over our city, especially in the winter. We had creeks and the South Platte River nearby, but people ignored them. Dumpsters were filled with trash, and litter blew around all over the place. Denver had trees and parks, but they weren’t spread evenly around town. The rich parts of the city had more and the poor parts had less. I knew that there were polluted areas in the city. They always seemed to … Topics: Sustainability