Anilla Cherian, BlackRock’s Blunt Truths About Climate: Climate Responsive Investing Trumps Climate Denial But Can it Address Climate “Apartheid”?, The Solutions Journal, Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2020, ( Abstract: In the waning days of 2019, millions spurred by the laser-focused climate activism of young Greta Thunberg, who campaigned for climate action across the world, were left crushed that the 25th UN annual climate negotiations conference ended in utter disarray.Despite extending the two-week Madrid meeting for an additional two days, and after 25 such consecutive annual climate conferences convened in diverse cities, countries failed to deliver essential outcomes such as setting a rulebook for the Paris Agreement (PA), and designing a global carbon market. On June 1, 2017, United States (US) — the world’s second largest aggregate GHG emitter — announced its decision to unilaterally withdraw from the PA. Now, more than four years after its adoption, the future of the PA appears dismally complicated at best. Droughts, super-typhoons, forest fires have devastated numerous communities and regions, valuable biodiversity resources have been lost forever and glaciers have melted … Topics: