Victoria Clark, Bringing Geothermal Technology Home, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 6, November 2014, Pages 10 ( Abstract: A new residential community development on the outskirts of Sydney is stepping up to the sustainability challenge—and creating an unusual amount of attention in the process. Constructed over what was previously a private golf course, the master plan includes restoration of wetlands and waterways connected into its stormwater management plan, and a number of green spaces and bike paths to support healthier lifestyles. The main cause for attention, however, is the developer’s approach to energy efficiency. Geothermal technology is being rolled out across the project’s 800 homes, providing the heating and cooling systems needed almost year round in the Greater Sydney region. This is good news for residents, with the average 4-person household anticipated to reduce its energy usage by up to 60 percent compared to those with conventional air conditioning systems—a saving equivalent to approximately US$435 per year at current Australian electricity prices. And, perhaps more … Topics: Energy; Technology