Kristie Wang, Digital Platforms Help Women Sidestep Social, Environmental Barriers to Employment, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2014, Pages 63 ( Abstract: Women in MENA face significant social barriers to employment, in addition to environmental and economic barriers. While cultural expectations may pressure women to stay in the home as family caregivers, new digital solutions are helping women pursue careers from home. The option to telecommute is giving many women the flexibility they need to balance work and family obligations. One such digital solution is, an online hub operating in Jordan that employs women engineers who work from home. Handasiyat was launched by Nermin Fawzi Sa'd, a mechanical engineer who originally began Handasiyat as a portal for engaging clients of her own freelance work. When demand for engineering services grew, Sa'd placed a small wanted ad for a freelance female engineer, and she was shocked to receive over 700 CVs. "I learned that for Jordanian women, whenever you have a child, the mother is the one responsible for childcare,” Sa’d said in a recent interview with The oDesk … Topics: Inequality; Technology; Women