Donella Meadows, Envisioning a Sustainable World, The Solutions Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, September 2012, Pages 11-14 ( Abstract: This is an edited transcript of part of a talk given by Donella Meadows at the 1994 meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics in San José, Costa Rica, and recorded by Peter Griesinger. Meadows, cofounder of the Balaton Group, passed away in 2001, but she has inspired a generation to hold onto, build, and share their visions of a sustainable world. A video of her full talk can be viewed at: We need clarity about our goals. We need to know where we are going. We need to have vision. And that vision has to be articulated, it has to be socially shared, and discussed, and formulated. There’s a tendency when we get involved in the problems—as a result of the lack of implementation, of money, of resources, of models and information, and vision—to go immediately to implementation, and talk first and primarily in that arena. How do we get governments to work better together? How do we get the money raised? But … Topics: Sustainability