Tom Crompton, Finding Cultural Values That Can Transform the Climate Change Debate, The Solutions Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, July 2011, Pages 56-63 ( Abstract: There is a wide gulf between the necessary scale of government action on climate change and the scale of response that governments currently agree on. Essential as it is that the international community continues to work toward a binding agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this gulf will be difficult to bridge—this was only too apparent at the stalled international climate negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009. Faltering attempts to secure an international agreement proportionate to the climate change challenge confronting us inevitably raise questions about whether individual countries can ever transcend their economic self-interest in pursuit of the common good. Indeed, the challenge of international action on climate change has the form of the familiar “tragedy of the commons”—a situation in which the pursuit of individual self-interest leads to the unsustainable exploitation of a shared resource. As it relates to the challenge of addressing climate change, … Topics: Climate Change; Community; Social Capital; Sustainability