Christina Asquith, From San Salvador to South Africa, Reducing Conflict by Sharing Experiences: An Interview with Tim Phillips, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 6, November 2014, Pages 16-18 ( Abstract: For 25 years, Tim Phillips has worked to promote peace and reconciliation in Central America and Northern Ireland, among many other regions and countries, and helped the new leaders of post-communist Europe and post-apartheid South Africa confront the painful legacy of violence and repression. Using the “shared experience” approach, Tim and his colleagues at Beyond Conflict utilized the lessons from South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central America to help leaders work to end “the troubles” in Northern Ireland, sectarian strife in Bosnia, and prepare leaders for negotiations in Kosovo, Sri Lanka, and, more recently, Bahrain. Their book, Beyond Conflict, looks at lessons learned from nearly 25 years of peacemaking and reconciliation work. His TEDx Talk can be seen online at We spoke to Tim Phillips in the summer of 2014. Your new book, Beyond Conflict, draws lessons from your 25 years of experience in conflict … Topics: Communication; Conflict Resolution; Education; Security