Colleen Maney, From Sustainable Surfboards to Smarter Housing Solutions, The Solutions Journal, Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2015, Pages 9-10 ( Abstract: Nev Hyman is famous in the surfing world for founding Firewire, one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of surfboards. What's lesser known is the company's core principal of sustainability. This mission toward sustainability brought Hyman from surfboards to housing with his new initiative, Nevhouse. The driving solution behind the initiative is two-fold, addressing both waste surplus and suitable housing shortages in developing countries. Nevhouse collects plastics from streets and landfills in local regions, which are then recycled into a composite plastic compound and reshaped into panels suitable for building. These panels are flat packed for easy transportation and assembled into prefabricated home building kits. The kits are assembled onsite, requiring only basic tools for construction. The resulting homes are designed to be low-maintenance, waterproof, fire and earthquake resistant, and easy to clean. The company is the first to supply … Topics: Business; Sustainability