Devin Windelspecht, Germany Goes Electric: All Cars Must be Emissions-free by 2030, The Solutions Journal, Volume 7, Issue 6, November 2016, Pages 6-7 ( Abstract: Germany's ambitions aren't small when it comes to combating the threat of climate change. By 2050, the European country hopes to cut up to 95 percent of its current CO2 emissions, and to do so it has decided on a bold new plan: to ensure that all newly made cars are emissions-free by the year 2030. This decision follows on the heels of a recent cash-incentive program, announced in April of this year, to put more electric and hybrid cars onto German roads. The program, financed by a €600 million investment by the federal government, will give car buyers €4,000 when they choose to buy a purely electric vehicle and €3,000 when purchasing a plug-in hybrid. Germany also plans to invest €100 million into replacing its government fleet with electric cars, and a final €300 million towards improving the infrastructure and availability of electric-car recharging stations. According to Germany's Environmental Industry, this plan will help to put up to 500,000 more electric … Topics: Sustainability; Transportation