Scott Cloutier, A Heart-Centered Vision for Sustainability, The Solutions Journal, Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2018, ( Abstract: We are searching for some kind of harmony between two intangibles: a form which we have not yet designed and a context which we cannot properly describe – Christopher Alexander.   Introduction Imagine a future… …where words like equality, equity and justice are ancient relics to describe past societies who failed to embrace one another. …that not only ensures human survival but also promotes the survival of all species. …where our children realize a connection to our planet and are equipped with the tools to ensure future generations also realize the same. …where sustainability is less about pointing out what others are doing and is more about the practice of embodying it. …where every being is valued and unconditionally loved for whom they currently are and someday may be. Sustainability advocates agree there is much work yet to be done. Humanity is now witness to the start of Earth’s sixth mass extinction.1 The … Topics: