Steven Cork, Kristin Alford, Nicky Grigg, John Finnegan, Beth Fulton, Michael Raupach, Helping a Nation Think About Its Futures, The Solutions Journal, Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2013, Pages 14 ( Abstract: The term “national conversation” seems to be gaining traction as a desirable activity where people talk with one another at a national scale about matters of national concern—the United States talking about the security state, for instance, or Australia calling for discussions on population, the structure of future economies, and attitudes towards people seeking asylum. These issues are part of the bigger question of how nations might define and achieve progress and well-being. And behind all of this is concern over what sort of future we, the people making up a nation, would like to have. But having a conversation about the future is difficult. So how might a nation go about doing it? Shaun JohnstonThe Brisbane skyline at sunset. A recent project sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science brought together a diverse group of scientists to discuss potential futures in Australia—and how to get the public engaged with this discussion. Why Conversations About the … Topics: Sustainability