Billy Corriher, Keeping Corporate Campaign Cash out of the Courtroom, The Solutions Journal, Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2013, Pages 44-51 ( Abstract: In state courts across the United States, corporate special interests are spending money to elect judges who interpret the law in a manner that benefits corporations, rather than citizens seeking justice. Yet, it is even more important for judges to be free of political pressure and obligations to wealthy campaign contributors than it is for members of the political branches of government. The decisions of courts directly impact the individuals involved in the lawsuits before them. If people are wronged, they should feel confident of finding impartial justice in the courts, where everyone—rich or poor, weak or powerful—is equal in the eyes of the law. But with each passing judicial election, this principle of legal equality is being weakened. And when judges operate like politicians, people who lack political influence cannot expect to find fairness. Under these circumstances, ordinary Americans cannot expect to get the same access to justice as special interests that … Topics: Financing; Politics