Caitlin Steele, Kids Are Complex: Connecting Learning to Life, The Solutions Journal, Volume 6, Issue 6, December 2015, Pages 28-30 ( Abstract: Wouldn't it be great if students arrived to class each day cheerful and eager to learn? Teachers could simply open their mouths to bestow wisdom and knowledge, and students would listen, absorb, and then dazzle everyone in earshot with their brilliance. Though teachers' lives would be easier if the good, old-fashioned direct instruction approach worked every time, this simple model of education does not suffice for one important reason: students are not simple. Sure, they want to learn, but about the Russian Revolution? Students can't see how it relates to them. What about the rich ecosystem just beyond the school walls? Are there power outlets out there? Students are hard-wired for learning, but they can fail to retain what they've been taught if they don’t see why it is important to them. So, what is important? Friends, sports, music, the environment, human or animal rights. . . and sometimes they do get excited about school, too. I've seen many students engage actively … Topics: Education