Anna Phelan, Kathleen Doody, Jack Ward, Zheng Yen Ng, Ebony Watson, Lily Fogg, Kate Dutton-Register, Rocio Vargas Soto, Karla Ximena Vazquez Prada, Hongmin Yan, Annaleise Wilson, Timothy Vanden Berg, Alexander Arkhipov, Jessica Bugeja, Matthew Allen, Stefan Hinkelmann, Leaving A Place Better Than You Found It; Making A Difference And Restoring Ecosystems On The Great Barrier Reef, The Solutions Journal, Volume 11, Issue 2, May 2020, ( Abstract: Introduction To ‘leave a place better than you found it’ is easier said than done. Yet on a small island at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), one visionary with a team of dedicated individuals is doing just that. Part of the GBR World Heritage Area, Lady Elliot Island (LEI), is a coral cay situated within a highly protected Marine National Park (Green) Zone. The Green Zone is a ‘no-take’ area where extractive activities like fishing or collecting are not allowed without a permit. LEI is a sanctuary for over 57 species of migratory birds, 1,200 species of marine life, including an abundance of large marine fauna such as manta rays, turtles, sharks, and dolphins, and a pristine coral reef. A relatively short time ago, however, this island’s ecosystems were on the brink of collapse. LEI’s soils, enriched with guano from migratory birds, were mined for phosphorus and fertilizer between 1863 and 1873. 1  The majority of the vegetation and all of the … Topics: