Gregory Rosenthal, Marjeela Basij-Rasikh, Many Environmentalisms from New York to Kabul, from the Past to the Present, The Solutions Journal, Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2015, Pages 72-76 ( Abstract: We are proud to have marched side-by-side with approximately 400,000 others on the streets of New York City in the People's Climate March in September 2014. We are less proud that we squirmed through a police barricade on 42nd Street to enter a Cold Stone Creamery at Times Square in the midst of the march. When we re-entered the procession—ice cream bowls in one hand, plastic spoons in the other—we marched for climate justice with ice cream in our mouths: a strange display of 21st century environmentalism, indeed! A few days later, after returning home respectively to Brooklyn and Vermont, we emailed news stories about the march to one another, including an article about the trash that climate marchers left behind on the streets of Manhattan.1 We not-so-proudly contributed two paper bowls and two plastic spoons to that mountain of rubbish. As absurd as it sounds, our stop at Cold Stone reveals deeper and more complex worlds of past and future environmentalisms—a mosaic of … Topics: Environment; History