Nicolas Salgado, Many Small vs a Few Big: Alternatives to Megadams in the Chilean Patagonia, The Solutions Journal, Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 34-39 ( Abstract: In recent years, the performance of large dams has been challenged in different regions of the world especially due to their environmental and social impacts. Extensive conversion of land, major alteration of the hydrological systems, and disruption of freshwater ecosystems are some of the identified effects of megadams on natural resources.1 In Chile, the government has recently rejected the 'HidroAysen' project, a megadam proposal in the southern territory. The project intended to construct five dams in the Aysen Region with a total flooding area of 5,910 hectares and a transmission line of 2,000 kilometers.2 The likely environmental impact of the project was the subject of a strong dispute between the government and civil society because of the potential hazards imposed on the valuable biodiversity of the Chilean Patagonia.3,4 Yet, the growing energy consumption of Chile has led the government to continue its efforts to find energy sources with low environmental impacts.5 … Topics: Sustainability