John Lanier, Mid-Course Correction Revisited Excerpts for the Solutions Journal, The Solutions Journal, Volume 11, Issue 2, May 2020, ( Abstract: In a word, Ray Anderson’s story is legendary. As the founder of Interface, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet, he was an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. He was your classic small-town kid who happened to make it big and create a global manufacturing company from scratch. He was the American dream. Despite his business success though, it was his 1994 personal epiphany that made him famous. That year, after reading Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce, Ray came to see the dark side of his business. He understood that his business, and the entire industrial world, was rapidly degrading the biosphere. Literally overnight, he began to believe that Interface must pursue a new purpose much grander and aspirational than returning value to shareholders. He believed that Interface must become a sustainable, and eventually regenerative, enterprise. Then he wanted Interface to inspire businesses around the world to create an industrial … Topics: