Jocelyn Hittle, Chris Parr, The National Western Center and the Sun Valley EcoDistrict: Infusing Large-Scale Urban Development Projects With Sustainability, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2019, ( Abstract: Situated against the Rocky Mountains and connected to the western edge of the agricultural heartland of the U.S., Denver has long had a focus on the wise management of our natural resources. We see millions of tourists each year who are heading the mountains to hike, bike, ski, fish or just relax, and our metro area has grown significantly as many professionals realize the quality of life in the City. This growth is not new, but is has accelerated, making our commitment to sustainability—particularly the social sustainability of affordability—increasingly challenging. The steps that the metro area is taking to continue this commitment in the face of change are guided in large part by the City’s 2020 Sustainability Goals. These goals encompass targets for City and County operations and metro area communities. The sustainability goals range in focus from land use to water to affordable housing. Several large-scale projects in Denver exemplify not only the change that is … Topics: Built Capital