Hunter Lovins, It’s Not Game Over, It’s Game On, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2019, ( Abstract: Planetary Emergency We are in a planetary emergency.1 Make no mistake about that. As the twinned crises of climate2 and biodiversity loss3 worsen, apocalyptic messages become more common.4 Yet is all really doomed?5 Mathis Wackernagel of Global Footprint6 puts it best: It’s not game over; it’s GAME ON! There is no doubt we are in a global emergency. Emergencies happen every day, somewhere around the world. And emergency responders know what to do, and they do it. When a fire threatens, when a flood is coming, they act. Emergency responders train, frame plans and are prepared to act when the worst strikes. Emergency does not mean the end. It means we all act to fix what’s gone wrong. And help is on the way, in the form of economics. My colleague Eban Goodstein calls it the Solar Dominance Hypothesis.7 It will transform essentially everything about how we live, how we do business and how we solve the climate crisis—most all for the better. Yes, polar bears are … Topics: Agriculture & Food; Biodiversity; Climate Change; Energy; Technology; Wellbeing