One Woman Greening Fashion

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Rainforest Action Network
The fashion industry has a significant negative impact on the environment. Abony’s blog promotes environmentally conscious brands.

The influence and impact that the fashion industry has on this world is no secret. However, few know the tremendous amount of pollution created by the fashion industry, and even fewer realize its extremely harmful impact on the environment.

The industry that dictates the style of this generation is posing a threat to future generations and to this planet as a whole. Regardless of how seriously you take fashion or whether you are against having Vogue magazine and such dictate what styles are ‘in’ and what are the ‘must-haves’ of the fall collections, our choices of clothing are contributing to the pollution of our planet and we are, sadly, behind it.

Goldie Francesca Abony, a woman with a passion for fashion, has found a suitable solution that is green and does not have to cost one their sense of style or their love for trends. With a goal in mind to save the planet and to preserve the fashion world, Goldie has recently launched her own fashion blog, I Love Goldie, to promote environmentally friendly fashion ideas and inspirations.

Through her various blog posts, Goldie aims to encourage consumers to choose brands, labels, and products that are produced by eco-friendly industries, and to force fashion industries, such as modern textile industry—a big source of greenhouse gases—to change their policies. Goldie believes that we consumers can control the promotion of every industry from which we choose to buy.

“After all, as consumers we have the power to vote with our dollar and ensure that the right brands and practices are in vogue,” she states in her message to the world. “Choose aesthetics that go with your ethics!”

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