Gili Elkin, Partnering Across International Boundaries for Water Security Through Technology and Startup Support, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2019, ( Abstract: The State of Colorado was one of the last areas in the United States settled by Europeans. Denver, its largest city, had but a handful of permanent residents as recently as the 1850’s. In contrast, Israel and surrounding areas include some of the oldest human habitations in the world; some cities in the region trace their history back 6,000 years. These two areas, separated by thousands of miles, may have little history in common, but they do share something else: a climate of limited rainfall. Both face significant water challenges. They need to collect as much fresh water as possible and keep it as clean as possible. Two recent alliances, the Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund and the Israel – US Water Initiative, are demonstrating how collaboration around innovative technologies can allow communities to transcend large gaps in space and culture to solve common problems. Although 60% of Israel is a desert and the rest is semi-arid, Israel exports water to its neighbors. … Topics: Water