Laurent Cartier, Saleem H. Ali, Pearl Farming as a Sustainable Development Path, The Solutions Journal, Volume 3, Issue 4, July 2012, Pages 30-34 ( Abstract: For centuries, wild pearl oysters and mussels were fished in the quest for natural pearls and shell material. This eventually led to the drastic overexploitation of oyster stocks in many areas of the globe.1 Scientific innovation and entrepreneurship eventually unearthed a solution: Researchers discovered a way for humans to farm pearl oysters and induce the formation of a cultured pearl. A century after this discovery, many pearl farming regions are vulnerable to climate change and coral and coastal habitat destruction. Pearl farming might provide a win-win opportunity for such communities. Overcoming Biodiversity Loss At present, marine biodiversity is facing huge threats in the Pacific region as a result of climate change, overfishing, and unregulated coastal development.2 The preservation and conservation of marine resources have become a priority in many areas and regions. Corals and fisheries are the basis for functioning marine ecosystems on which humans rely for food and … Topics: Oceans; Sustainability