Shannon Farhoud, Photography Features: Behind the Empowered Women, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2014, Pages 44-50 ( Abstract: Shannon Farhoud, based in Doha, Qatar is the creator of “Behind the Empowered Woman”, a photography gallery that looks at what goes into being an empowered woman in the Arab World. The gallery will look at women between the ages of 18-100, their accomplishments and what has led them to where they are. The gallery was created in 2013 in partnership with Ashoka Changemakers. Shannon Farhoud created the gallery to address bias in the media. She found that the media tends to focus only on the brilliant women who overachieve in the region, ignoring the many women who are still achievers and who go through extreme hardship to be mothers, sisters, daughter and working women. Shannon Farhoud wanted to bring attention to these women as well as provide support for them in the future. “Behind the Empowered Woman” will be an exhibition that will the tell stories of these women, with the number of images in the gallery growing each year. It will display images of women around the … Topics: Arts; Quality of Life; Women