Iris Goodman, Practicing, Not Preaching: A Helpful Guide for Resilience Practitioners, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 5, September 2014, Pages 86-87 ( Abstract: Associate Guest Editor for the Resilience Issue Resilience Practice ably picks up where Resilience Thinking (2010) left off. The book lays out examples of how people around the globe have put resilience principles into practice to manage their environs and their livelihoods. In this sequel, authors Brian Walker and David Salt again demonstrate their skills in presenting the essential elements of resilience in ways that draw in the reader. This work begins with a concise review of 10 essential concepts one must bear in mind to think capably about resilience, meaning that folks who have not read Resilience Thinking can still benefit immensely from Resilience Practice. Case studies are then interleaved with concise descriptions of resilience fundamentals, with the happy result that readers are guided toward a useful and practical synthesis of information almost unknowingly. Lesser treatments of this topic often end in confusion. The case studies provide insights into various … Topics: Conservation; Governance; Stewardship