Benjamin L. Castleman, Lindsay C. Page, Preventing Students from Dropping out of College Before They Arrive on Campus, The Solutions Journal, Volume 5, Issue 2, March 2014, Pages 41-45 ( Abstract: With graduation season looming, many high school seniors may already be looking forward to the postsecondary horizon ahead. College applications are submitted, and students may feel inclined to take their foot off of the gas during the spring semester. Yet, even for seniors whose college acceptances arrive in the near future, barriers remain on the road to college that can contribute to high rates of “summer melt” – the phenomenon that college-intending high school graduates fail to successfully transition to college. Nationally, we estimate that approximately 10 percent of students who by high school graduation are on the path to college fail to matriculate. This rate is even higher among low-income students. Across the country, the number of students who melt each year would fill the University of Michigan football stadium—with a capacity for over 100,000 spectators—more than twice over. Fortunately, it is possible to stem this tide of summer melt and improve … Topics: Education