Christina Asquith, Rethinking Poverty and the Role of Business and Government: An Interview with Aneel Karnani, The Solutions Journal, Volume 2, Issue 5, September 2011, Pages 24-25 ( Abstract: In his new book, Fighting Poverty Together: Rethinking Strategies for Business, Governments, and Civil Society to Reduce Poverty, Aneel Karnani challenges conventional thinking about poverty. A professor of strategy at the University of Michigan with a doctorate from Harvard University, Karnani studies poverty reduction and examines how society can strike the right balance between private profits and public welfare in tackling major societal problems. What is the central argument in your new book, Fighting Poverty Together? Poverty is a major challenge for the world, and the world is not making enough progress on poverty. So what should we do about it? The central argument in my book is that business and government need to play appropriate roles in fighting poverty. Neither one will solve the problem alone. They must each play a role. You believe job creation is the antidote to poverty and that governments should provide only the legal framework, climate, and infrastructure to … Topics: Business; Governance; Inequality; Quality of Life; Resilience