Cosmas Gitta, Review of Compassionate Civilization by Robertson Work, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2019, ( Abstract: Robertson Work joins a growing number of public intellectuals who warn of existential threats to humanity and the planet, while highlighting the unprecedented opportunities available to improve our life on a healthy planet. In the book A Compassionate Civilization, Work contends that the “world stands at the crossroads of interlocking crises of colossal dangers and exhilarating possibilities.” He then makes a prophetic call for a compassionate world order—one equipped with systems, policies, and institutions to address the challenges humanity faces with urgency and resolve. The book is a fountain of wisdom for individuals and social movements working to foster social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, women’s empowerment, democratic governance, and other human rights around the world. Beyond overly optimistic appeals for all human beings to be nice to each other and to the planet, Work presents a well-thought-out action plan for global citizens to nurture … Topics: Inequality; Justice; Movements; Sustainability; Wellbeing