Frances Moore Lappé, Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind: Where Do They Lead?, The Solutions Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2, March 2013, Pages 56-64 ( Abstract: It’s the GDP-obsessed growth model, many reformers argue, that’s leading us to perdition. They decry the irresponsibility of a relatively few taking more than their share, who are profligate with the earth’s dwindling resources. Certainly this “we’ve hit the limits” framing rings true, for, inarguably, human societies have exceeded the limits of destruction, depletion, and disruption our planet can sustain without massive human and nonhuman loss and suffering. But is there a more effective way of understanding the roots of our predicament? Here’s a possibility. Let’s start with findings from neuroscience and psychology that offer significant clues about how we got into this mess: Humans beings, it turns out, don’t see the world as it is. “It is theory which decides what we can observe,” wrote Albert Einstein in 1926. We humans see the world through culturally formed filters, what I call our mental maps. They determine what we see, what we cannot see, … Topics: Health; Quality of Life; Sustainability