Laura M Pereira, Elena Bennett, Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Astrid Mangnus, Albert V Norström, Garry Peterson, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, My Sellberg, Joost Vervoort, Seeding Change by Visioning Good Anthropocenes, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3, August 2019, ( Abstract: The Earth system is now arguably in a novel, uncertain planetary era – the Anthropocene – in which human activities are a major planetary force1. These changes have largely been brought about through efforts to increase human wellbeing, particularly through conversion of land for food production and the extraction and use of fossil fuels2. This situation leaves us confronted with the grand challenge of the Anthropocene: how can people create a fair, prosperous, and sustainable planet when many people remain poor, and the activities that have created the Anthropocene are the main ways in which we have alleviated poverty to date? Although the challenge of achieving a just and sustainable planet is daunting, there is hope. People are increasingly responding to the Anthropocene challenge with new ways of living that could contribute to the creation of a more prosperous, equitable, and just world – A Good Anthropocene3. We call these actions ‘seeds’ and define them as … Topics: Climate Change; Community; Sustainability