Setting Down Roots: Dennis Meadows on the Founding and Mission of Balaton, The Solutions Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, September 2012, Pages 15-17 ( Abstract: Working with their Hungarian colleagues, scientists Donella and Dennis Meadows organized the first meeting of the Balaton Group in Csopak, Hungary, in 1982. Donella died unexpectedly in 2001, and Dennis relinquished all his responsibilities for organizing and financing the group after its 25th annual meeting in 2006. But he remains a steadfast participant in its meetings and a keen observer of its members’ highly diverse work. Here Solutions interviews Dennis about the group’s founding, the impact of its meetings, and the current thinking about sustainability around the world. What goals led you to organize that first Balaton Group meeting 30 years ago? In the early 1980s there was still generally a mood of optimism about global development. The threats of climate change and peak oil were not yet widely recognized. But there were concerns about natural resources—their quality and long-term availability. Our desire to help focus state-of-the-art systems thinking tools on … Topics: Community; Globalization