Larry Susskind, Sam Barnard, Shifting The Burden: Using a Questionnaire and Panel Review to Ensure that Ecosystem Services are Taken into Account in Project Appraisal, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2019, ( Abstract: The Problem: A Gap Between Ecosystem Services Theory and Practice Natural ecosystems are being lost to development in fast-growing countries around the world. While land development may often be a desirable objective, conversion from one land use to another rarely takes account of the myriad benefits that natural ecosystems, directly or indirectly, provide to humans. This is because markets often fail to capture the value of these benefits monetarily. If there were an easy way to compute the market value of ecosystem services, and local regulations required that their loss be taken into account, the disincentives to development that requires large-scale conversion of natural ecosystems would likely be substantially higher. While the measurement and valuation of ecosystem services at global, national and landscape scales have been the focus of considerable research, how to best apply the ecosystem service lens to project appraisal at the local level remains unclear. Most … Topics: Ecosystem Services