John Ehrenfeld, Andrew Hoffman, Sustainability 2.0, The Solutions Journal, Volume 4, Issue 3, May 2013, Pages 1 ( Abstract: Sustainability is dead; long live sustainability. Sustainability has gone “mainstream.” Firms develop sustainability strategies, develop sustainable products and business processes, produce sustainability reports, and appoint chief sustainability officers who tout sustainability as being core to their mission. University administrators promote sustainability as central to their curricula. Scholars pursue sustainability as a field of research inquiry. Consumers buy green products, drive low-emission cars, and are seemingly bombarded with marketing campaigns that incorporate environmentalism. The world, it would seem, is on the road to a sustainable future. It is not. Hybrid cars, LED light bulbs, wind farms, and green buildings are all just the trappings that convince us that we are doing something good for the planet when, in fact, things are getting worse. According to the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, “Humans have changed Earth’s ecosystems more in the … Topics: Sustainability