Jigmi Thinley, Sustainability and Happiness: A Development Philosophy for Bhutan and the World, The Solutions Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3, May 2012, Pages 64-65 (https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/article/sustainability-and-happiness-a-development-philosophy-for-bhutan-and-the-world/) Abstract: Thirty years ago, the fourth king of Bhutan famously proclaimed that “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product,” setting the country on a development path that seeks to integrate sustainable and equitable socioeconomic development with environmental conservation, cultural promotion, and good governance. This “happiness” has nothing to do with the common use of that word to denote an ephemeral, passing mood—happy today or unhappy tomorrow due to some temporary external condition like praise or blame, gain or loss. Rather, it refers to the deep, abiding happiness that comes from living life in full harmony with the natural world, with our communities and fellow beings, and with our culture and spiritual heritage—in short, from feeling totally connected with our world. And yet our modern world, and particularly its economic system, promotes precisely the reverse—a profound sense of alienation from the natural world and from each … Topics: Economy; Governance; Quality of Life