Jarrett Wendt, Sustainability Finds a Home on the Range, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2019, (https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/article/sustainability-finds-home-range/) Abstract: Introduction Cities around to world compete furiously to attract high-profile cutting-edge corporations. When cities place a high value on sustainability they are particularly interested in attracting companies that produce products and services that are essential to a sustainable future. Companies like that can be picky about where they land. In 2014 the sustainable products and services division of Panasonic Corporation landed in Denver, Colorado. It remains there to this day. The story of how this match occurred and why it continues to succeed can provide a template for what sustainability-oriented cities need to do to attract businesses that reflect their aspirations, and what sustainability-oriented companies need to do to find the perfect home. While traditionally known as a consumer electronics giant, making TV’s, refrigerators and cameras, who has been around 100 years (previously as Matsushita), today’s Panasonic has become a coveted B2B partner supplying … Topics: Energy