Nihal Kayali, Syrian Refugees Reclaim Childhoods through Arts Therapy, The Solutions Journal, Volume 7, Issue 4, July 2016, Pages 8-9 ( Abstract: For many children escaping the Syrian war, the trauma of violence and loss lingers long after the journey away from home. In Sultanbeyli, a suburb of Istanbul with a burgeoning refugee population, children who have survived the worst of war are now dealing with the stress of settling in a town where they do not understand the language and are shut out of overcrowded neighborhood schools.   Enter Project Lift, an organization that has brought expressive arts therapy classes to Syrians aged four to 13 in an effort to ease post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms while providing a space for children to harness their creative impulses. In what were once drab municipal offices, Project Lift now facilitates a lively five-day curriculum of dancing, drumming, and drawing for Syrian refugees.   "If you can boost a child's imagination, you improve their ability to problem solve," says Leyla Akca, Chief Advisor to Project Lift. The program, which applies the Skills for … Topics: Arts; Refugees; Youth