Steve Marriot, The End of Pesticides, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3, August 2019, ( Abstract: It has long been known that certain fish can detect the minute electro-magnetic field (EMF) transmitted by Algae in order to track their food source over several kilometers. On land, beetles and moths and other pests can detect a specific crop purely by identifying the individual EMF trace. Imagine then if it were possible to cloak the host from its predators by altering its EMF field and making it appear to be something else, effectively making it invisible to specifically evolved EMF tracking. No need for pesticides or chemical protection. Take it one step further and imagine being able to transmit the host EMF in an enhanced form to attract the pests to a given point and destroy them. Take a few minutes to expand on the principles of this new technology and you will see the endless possibilities. The potential of EMF cloaking technology is simply endless. Not so simple of course... it is very complex with a host of variables and anomalies that require a lot more … Topics: Energy